Truly bitter gift items for those who truly enjoy bitterness

Clothing and accessories

Beer-themed clothing and accessories include a range of T-shirts suitable for men and women. Our products also include baseball cap, shirts and backpacks designed for trekking and other activities.

I save water, I drink Radegast.

Now, we only need 1.205 litre of water to brew half a litre of beer. We have made it to the top in the brewing industry when it comes to saving water in beer production, and that is why it holds true that THOSE WHO DRINK RADEGAST SAVE WATER.

For barkeepers

Not only barkeepers but also chefs tending to their cooking range or garden grill should have a high-quality apron. The real leaders here might want to try a genuine leather apron.

We recommend:

Radegast Vintage Travel Bag
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10.40 EUR

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The story of Radegast

The foundations for the brewery were laid in Nošovice on 7 July 1966; back then the brewery was simply named Nošovice. The brewery got its current name, Radegast, in a public competition in 1969 and one year later the first batch of beer was made by the brewmaster Jaromír Franzl. Even today, the brewery’s brewmasters follow the original recipe, which guarantees Radegast an unmistakably bitter taste.

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