Have some fun with the motives of the most popular non-alcoholic beer in the Czech Republic

Beer glasses

All beer lovers need their own glass. A personalized beer glass with custom text engraved into your selected half-litre glass is a long-term favourite.

Sport and Outdoor

If you play or enjoy sports, you’re in the right place. Biking enthusiasts will also be pleased to know that we have functional and well-fitting cycling jerseys.

Clothing and accessories

Birell accessories and clothes include gifts for men or women. By purchasing a gift from the “Nezastavitelní by Birell” category, you’ll be contributing to the special sports equipment used by the Nezastavitelní team.

We recommend:

Blue Birell Men´s T-shirt
  • New

14,10 EUR

In stock
Set of 0.5 l Birell Glasses 5+1 Free
  • Special offer

10,10 EUR Was 12,10 EUR

In stock
Birell Fusakle Socks
  • New

8,80 EUR

In stock


In stock

The story of Birell

Birell is the only non-alcoholic beer to be brewed in a continuous process involving the unique Birell yeast. The process is the same as the one used for the best Czech beers, and involves high-quality water, barley prepared in the company’s malt houses and hops from Žatec. That’s what ensures that Birell’s taste does not come at the cost of any compromises.

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